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Atlansia Breeze Bass

Over the past few years I've been doing lot of research on basses and, in general, musical instruments overall. I've literally looked at thousands of musical instrument websites.

The one that has captured my imagination and interest over all the rest is Atlansia.  The moment I first saw the Atlansia Victoria I was awestruck.  What a beautiful bass.  What a different bass.

For some reason they are mostly unknown in the western world.  Only recently did I start to find that they are quite well known in their native Japan.  I'm hoping that this website will help to change all that.  I think the rest of the world needs some Atlansias too!

The Unofficial Atlansia Tribute Website is my personal page about Atlansia basses (bass guitars), guitars and the many other achievements of Atlansia president Nobuaki Hayashi (aka H.Noble).  This website has no direct affiliation with Atlansia or its principals.  All information provided in this website has been collected from various Internet resources and is correct to the best of my knowledge.  It is my sole intention to provide information for personal interest only.  I have no commercial interest in this site.  If any information is incorrect or should not be used, please contact the site creator and it will be corrected or deleted. 





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